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The Draft is an annual 4-week event where the top startups get funded by the top VCs.

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  • Best in Class Investors
  • $10 Million Earmarked
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The submission period is now closed.

How The Draft Works

The updated final deadline to declare your startup eligible for The Bio Draft is August 14th.

  1. To apply, you create a private BriefLink; uploading a deck, answering 12 questions and recording a 1 minute video of you and your team.
  2. Once created, be sure to submit the link to your Private BriefLink. You can submit your link either on this page, or directly from
  3. If selected for this year’s Draft, you will receive a list of VC’s that will compete to potentially Draft you (i.e. invest in your startup).

Your Briefs are private to you. You control which VCs view your Briefs.

The VC’s will have 4 weeks to review your brief and conduct research, perform diligence, and negotiate their investment.

If successful, they will be considered to have Drafted you. You might have more than one VC Draft you, just as you would in any fundraising.

If accepted into The Bio Draft, regardless if you get Drafted (receive funding), you will have an opportunity to present at the SynBioBeta Summit Investor Day on September 29, 2020.


1) What are the costs involved to participate in the Bio Startup Draft?
There is no cost to participate in The Draft.

2) What types of companies qualify for The Draft?
Highly promising early-stage bio-related companies are qualified for The Draft. Founders who are about to raise their next round, as well as high potential founders who are looking for a smooth transition out of a Ph.D. program or a big company, are eligible for The Draft.

3) If I successfully draft a company, do I need to register for the SynBioBeta Summit?
We are facilitating a separate registration process for investors in our investor pool.

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